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Using a 6-rope KOEPE double-drum winder by SIEMAG TECBERG, at 10.48 local time on 18.12.2018 the first load of potash ore from the new Mosaic Esterhazy K3-Mine in Canada was brought to the surface and sent for further processing. This is a major step in this project, which was started seven years ago, not only for SIEMAG TECBERG but also for all those involved in it.

In 2011 SIEMAG TECBERG received an order from Mosaic for the delivery of a 1-rope-drum BLAIR winding machine for the service shaft and a 6-rope KOEPE winding machine for the production shaft. Both winding machines had been designed, manufactured, installed and finally successfully commissioned at SIEMAG TECBERG in previous years in accordance with system-specific requirements. With a drive output of 2 x 5,500 kW the production winding machine can fetch up to 55 t of material from a depth of 1,100 m at a running speed of over 18 m/s. For further technical data, please go to References.



Mosaic, which employs some 15,000 people and enjoys a market share of about 14 %, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash nutrients. At present Mosaic extracts these raw materials from four mines in North America, mainly in Saskatchewan, and strives to produce and supply high-quality, innovative crop nutrient products to boost food production. Mosaic is therefore abiding by its own mission statement "to help the world to grow the food it needs.”


Phosphate and potash

Phosphate and potash are two of the three most important nutrients that plants need to be able to develop their full potential.

Phosphorus (P) is indispensable for normal plant growth and especially important for trapping the sun’s energy and converting it into useful plant compounds. It is found in extensive, shallow underground deposits formed by the decomposition of ancient marine life.

Potash (K) is of decisive importance for photosynthesis, protein synthesis and many other functions that influence plant quality. It is a naturally occurring mineral found in deep sedimentary rock deposits left behind by the evaporation of ancient seas.

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